If you haven’t seen any of Ryan Leslie’s in-studio videos, this is probably a really good one to start with. Ryan Leslie has been quietly working his way to mogul status, and really hasn’t seemed to compromise himself much in terms of his music and creative spirit. There’s not too much to not like about this guy. He moves around with some serious style, but possesses a work ethic that seems to be unmatched throughout the industry. His music, more particularly his rapping, though not as gritty and raw as the rest of hip hop right now, is still very much sonically enjoyable. As in previous videos, Ryan casts a very sultry piece of eye candy in Safieh Mazzari to co-star during the creation of his latest project. Might I remind you, she is in fact….bad!

ryan leslie black mozart

Ryan’s in-studio videos have played a key role in his rise to success. It’s awesome to give fans a real behind the scenes look at the production process, and Ryan captures some awesome moments, minus the normal ratchetness we’ve become accustomed to with in-studio videos. Black Mozart is available for free here…kind of. In exchange for a $12 USD Membership fee, you’re able to get the album for free, as well as more interactive access to Ryan’s#RENEGADES movement. Can’t hate him for this one. Regarding the album itself, the production is pretty wicked through and through, which makes his non gritty rap more tolerable. However, the album does sound more like a playlist of singles and less like a cohesive album. Either way, a “free” album and documentary from Mr. Leslie gives this one the CLPNation.com thumbs up for tonight. Share and enjoy, and if you end up giving Black Mozart a listen, let us know what you thought about it. Visit CLPNation.com daily for more musical illness. Seriously…everyday!


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