DJ AK from Eastern NC/The DMV/NYC Presents a mixtape with various dope artists, local and abroad. His mixtape series has grown from Eastern NC to Va/MD/TX/CA/CT/FL. The Purple Haze Vol 4 isa said to have the theme of the national hit movie “The Godfather.” AK was kind enough to feature B. Nyce‘s Nyce or Kick Rocks, track 9. Stream and download the mixtape below.

The mixtape features: Big Whiskey, Trev. B, DaylieBoi, HiPost, SpaceBoy, Dosage, J. Cannon, Frank the Phresh, B. Nyce, J. Capri, Signachure, Lil Nate, WhizKid, Josh B., Arok, and Kid Comz.

DJ AK can be reached on twitter at @DJAK0389. Follow @BNyceCLP + @CLPNation.