So…I’m mad. I did a little bit of digging to find out the ingredients to making images like these. My best guess is a colored oil and water mixture + a ton of photoshop. Which is completely fine! I mentioned I was mad, because there are no mentions, across like 5 or 6 other blogs, on what exactly Yoshimitsu Umekawa’s awesome Future DS2 like photographs really entail. Per

Equal parts mesmerizing and unsettling, Yoshimitsu Umekawa’s photographs are positively (and negatively) nuclear, drawing on the issues and anxieties that surround modern day Japan. 

I didn’t want to crap on anyone’s parade when I saw the cover art for DS2. I knew the whole world was on Future’s wave, so I would have looked like a hater for saying the cover art looked like stock footage pulled from some vector website, but it was..and is…ripped.


I’d like to go out on a limb and assume that inspirations like Future’s DS2 cover came from original works from people like Yoshimitsu Umekawa’s. You can check out more of his work below. Share and enjoy!

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