Any great performing artist can take the stage and fill a live set with fireworks and theatrics. However, it’s only when and artist can make a deeper connection with the crowd, do their talents really begin to impress on the minds of show goers. Coming up in St. Petersburg, FL – a city he never loved one bit – Dilligaf is a true student of the game. Every verse and lyric is immaculately crafted to display his abilities as a writer and wordsmith. He has earned many respects in his travels, performing alongside names like Juicy J, Caskey, Lil Wyte, Rittz & Jelly Roll. Almost needless to say, his on stage command is brilliant – especially in the battle arena where his punchlines have left crowd’s awestruck night after night.

Twitter: @DilligafCLPN
Facebook: Dilligaf CLP
SoundCloud: Dilligaf

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