Just stumbled upon one of the craziest printing techniques I’ve ever seen. HG Arts, based in Barcelona, Spain supplies equipment and training related to Water Transfer Printing (Hydrographics)The process has been around for many years now and has been utilized in applying printed graphics to everything from cell phone cases to car wheels. The process utilizes some wicked chemicals that pretty much separate a printed graphic from the original material it was printed on and allow just the graphic to sit on the surface of a vat of some more wicked chemicals. The desired object that is in need of printing, is then slowly submerged into the vat, and the graphic adheres to the surface of the object. The results are amazing and are definitely more efficient than convention heat transfers and screen printing. On the downside, most of the equipment needed for this wizardry starts at 50 racks..so start saving…or figuring out which internal organs have the best resale value. There are some DYI alternatives as well, so I’ll be including a video to that, but to see the process in action the way HG Arts does it is pretty dope. Visit CLPNation.com daily for our take on the illest shit from music to modern architecture. If it’s wicked, it’s our mission to bring it to you! We Are The Nation!

HG Arts – Water Transfer Printing


DIY – Hydrographics


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