Design & Technology: iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Round, Lg G Flex – Ahead of the Curve?


Well, hello again boys and girls and welcome back to’s neighborhood. Today we’re going to talk about curves. Another day, another year and the clash of the titans rages on as cell phone manufactures continue to bid for all out handheld supremacy. In the last few years, we’ve watched Apple clean house with their iPhone series and just when it seemed all hope for mankind was lost to Mr. Jobs and company…something…remarkable happened. Samsung decided to grow a pair and really make a cell phone worth talking about. Fast forward to 2014 and the Galaxy line of cell phones have significantly evened the odds.
i phone 6, samsung galaxy round, lg g flex, curved i phone, curved galaxy note, curved phoneHowever, in all reality, I’m going to keep it G and put some concepts into perspective. It used to be that only CEO’s and CFO’s needed super premium enhanced phones, which were supported by their constant need to be connected, thus allowing them to continue making power moves all day and night. Nowadays, pretty much everyone owns or has owned a smartphone of some sort. They all provide the same functions…and they all allow us to check Facebook. As far as choosing which device (that is probably just being used by the man to track your every movement)…you’re either a die hard Apple user…a die hard Galaxy user…or somewhere in between where you’d be happy with either an iPhone, a Galaxy or this(check that bad boy out)…because no matter what device is in you’re hand…you’re probably still too stupid to know how to use it. Let’s face it, today’s cell phone users just need to be able to call, text and social network. Email capabilities are a given also, but with the attention span of today’s generation, I wouldn’t be surprised if a straw poll revealed that Instagram was more important that email. Just saying.

So what’s next? I could see the think tankers and project management teams bustling around their respective corporate headquarters searching for the next brilliant idea. How about we curve the phones? Wait what? Curve the phones…as in…bend them? Well perhaps, but what does that do? Not a cot damn thing you say? So, curving the phone provides no real additional functionality or improvements? Genius! Run it!Fast forward to present day and there are 3 models in the works, 2 of which have already hit consumer hands in South Korea.

I’ve taken the liberty of finding some product reviews for all 3 devices, so you too could be an educated consumer before saddling up and riding off into the sunset with the next fad. While Apples iPhone 6 is speculated to have a curved design bolstered by a flexible version of Gorilla glass, Samsung and Lg have already dropped the Curve and Flex (which literally can flex) respectively. Check out the product reviews below, and let us know what you think. 

iPhone 6 Speculated Concept (No official productions confirmations to date)

Samsung Galaxy Round (Currently in production)


Lg G Flex (Currently in production)


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