Design & Technology: Apple – Mac Pro’s Stargate Technologies


Apple – Mac Pro’s Stargate Technologies

It is with my deepest regret, that I must inform our fans and readers alike, that has to shine some light on an Apple product.

Here at The Nation, we’ve opted to not become caught up in the hype of planned obsolescence, which has become a staple of Apple’s sales and marketing reign, as well as their rise to the top of the tech world. We’ve even gone as far as renaming the iPhone to the “yPhone”… as in… why did you buy this phone. However, when I saw the newly redesigned Mac Pro, I was pretty damn impressed.

The new Mac Pro utilizes a sleek cylindrical design,which is enclosed with a machined aluminum case. The new look seems to have significantly cut down on material utilized during production. The entire “tower” is gloss black and is only about 10″ x 7″ in size, which pales in comparison to the performance punch this machine packs.

I mean, seriously people…this thing looks like it fell through a Stargate. I’m not as well versed on Apple specs, as I am with PC, however, based on what I do know, Apple has literally created the Rolls Royce Phantom of personal computers. The creative and entertainment industry is really going to appreciate this machine. I think we’ll see some great projects released as a result of this work horse. But, I still think it will be vastly underutilized with the everyday consumer…kind of like the iPhone.

Either way, this latest offering from Apple is pretty wicked. How are you all feeling about the design and ergonomics? Is this one too far ahead of it’s time, or long overdue? Let us know what think, by leaving some comments below. Also, if you know someone who would love or hate this, be sure to share this article with them.

Till then, check out the gallery of images below or above and bare witness to this design masterpiece.

Apple Mac Pro 2013 sneak peek from Alex Gollner on Vimeo.

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