This record found it’s way via a small rant about receiving submissions with just flat out shitty cover art. Thankfully a fellow blogger Paul Martinez (@paulwrites23) of Jam The Hype shot me the cover art for this Deraj No Fear record. The cover blew me away and I said if the record was half as good as the cover art, then I’d share it with you all. Well…the record didn’t disappoint at all. Deraj and Ginelle Yvonne absolutely rock this record.

The record embodies that anthem feel and both Deraj and Ginelle hold their own vocally on the chorus. Deraj also let the bars fly on this one, but you knew that already…right? Share and enjoy this record…and in the strange event you’re not digging it…be sure to let us know why by commenting below. Visit daily as we bring you the very best creative works from around the universe. Have no fear! Deraj’s Mirrors & Medicine – EP is out now and available for purchase below.

Purchase:Mirrors & Medicine – EP – Deraj

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