As you all know, the big homie Dangeruss was recently featured in the hit movie Spring Breakers. went out to the premier in support of Dangeruss, and now we bring you Dangeruss’ latest release: The Ingredients. I just got done listening to this from front to back, and was very much pleased with the tape as a whole body of work. Dangeruss flexes on many of the tougher tracks, but still showcases his lyrical/songwriting ability on records like Otha Side of Town featuring $hamrock, Jelly Roll and YMCMB’s own Caskey. The tape features current classics like My Fork and Hangin Wit Da Dopeboys, as well a many new surprises. This one is definitely with the listen. Don’t sleep on this dude, his resume is beginning to speak for itself. Download, share and enjoy The Ingredients.


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