Wow. Cypher Deen absolutely killed this Order 370 record. Shouts to Gambino for the original Bonfire as well…because that was sick too…but damn Cypher…they ain’t ready! Share and enjoy! I’m also posting the lyrics below…for you slow people out there who get intimidated by any artists who rap faster than Gucci Mane. Lastly a free download of this record is available here.


I did not write this because I wanted to
I wrote this because I was ordered to
Well welcome back Cyphe!
Yes I’m so glad to be here again
Glad to make that music that’s been all up in your ear again
It means I’m back to writing and making tracks that exciting
Yet all they can seem to be asking me is *Cypher where the hell you been?*
Well isn’t that a damn good question?
Statistically speaking I should be dead broke or arrested
I guess that my acclimations succeeded their expectations
And half of my motivations haven’t come into fruition yet
So where has he been?
I’ve been doing double to make sure these other rappers is in treble of trouble
Taking the speed that I was rapping at and making it double
Popping they bubble leaving lyricists in lyrical rubble
Making my name leave a stain on the chain of the game
Most you mitigated midget couldn’t handle the message
‘Cause I am, the, one, rap, artist who can do what I do always
I don’t do what I do when I’m due always
But I do keep a screw in my shoe always
If I kept putting crap like that on the track I’d have a gat and my hat turned back always
Who’s the man that demands that the mans on the track isn’t wack and they got a certain rapping skill?
Man it’s too hard to make me wack ’cause I worked so hard to be this real
But cyphe what are you doing?
Your mission was essential!
I thought that I had told you to kill off this instrumental
Now I don’t mean to be crazy or even misleading but from this angle I think that I can still see it breathing
Ah hell no, nah nah nah, Stop that, Stop that
Now what, yo I really thought that I had this thing dead
Here’s what I need you to do
I need you to go to the back of the shed, look over there that’s where I keep my big lyrical guns
Um, no that’s too small…perfect!!!
It’s THE
Kid from the east who still got love from the west like Ms. Kardashian
I’m Scrooge Mc Ducking haters but won’t rap bout how much cash I’m in
Rap H to the A to the LAL
With fire like H to the ELL
Putting out lights like B but the way that the death was noted call me L
L, See ladies love Cyphe like a business
For treating them with respect and not always telling they business
Now if you ain’t get the reference you probs would think I was pimping so
Ladies Love Cypher is LLC business boy I ain’t tripping, no
But speaking strictly businessly, I got problems with rappers rapping about things that they ain’t seen like
Money, cars, bad ***** and all of those
How you repping Gucci but you still rocking them macy’s clothes?
Haha no really though, these rappers too close to my butt like nemo
Get your noses brown new jack your city like nino
Kuni how I got these fans awaiting on my sequel
I’m a Lebron I ball even without the mike
You a bad flu don’t notice you when you on the mike
That’s from the top of the dome like oculus
Throw reality to a rift like oculus
They got me walking through this fire
They got me walking through this fire
2013’s a big year for CD
2013 you best’ta look out for CD
2013 I’m gonna drop two cds
Do you see what I mean when I say CD
2013’s a big year CD
2013 you best’ta look out for CD
2013 you finally gonna see these
Lyrics busting outta your dome

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