What a wicked video! This is the first time we get to take a good look at G.O.O.D Music’s newest addition. I heard Cyhi on the “So Appalled” record. His voice and cadence, is different, and I’m honestly glad I can’t off the top of my head say he sounds like someone else. This beat is dope, shout out to Drumma Boy. I love the extra percussion behind the main drums and the strings are beautiful quality. I wasn’t blown away immediately by this record until I heard the chorus, and then after a second listen, this track is definitely bangin. The intro quotes are sick, and the scene where the bullet shells are dropping made me “fgl.bndgsb;lds” in my pants! HAHAHA that shit is ill! Under Kayne’s wing, I expect good things from this dude. Them haters looking at me SIDEWAYS, SIDEWAYS, SIDEWAYS, SIDEWAYS!