Ok. Ok. Refreshing. I love this track. This song make me wanna go get some butt right now. I need to get on a track with these fellers here! You listen to submissions and you go through and through… and through and through…. and through and you think it will never end. Then out of nowhere your head starts nodding and your shoulders start jukin. Can’t explain it!

This a nice bed time jam to throw on that “P-Mix.” Yea, you remember that “P-Mix” you would burn on a CD-R back in the day when you were tryna get it in with a lovely street walker? Yea just like that. Check it out below. Download, share, like, tweet, and tell your momma too if you like this submission from Cristiles and Dre’ B. Don’t be a crab 🙂 Grab “Good Times” on iTunes.

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