I sit here – minutes before the 8pm release – anticipating this Ranmecca-produced “Box Me In” joint by KenoSobi and Fanotch. We already know Fanotch is tenacious as hell on the mic. You don’t even have to know what that means to know what that means. We already know KenoSobi is an eclectic artist that is gonna bring the groove no matter what. So I’m preparing this post for you all on the strength of what I’ve seen and heard from these gentlemen. Enjoy the sounds of this collaborative effort from a couple dope Tampa emcees. If you want to hear more from this pair, they each had a couple records featured on The 4th Annual Az 1 Awards Mixtape. Catch the vibe:

Sidenote: The joint just dropped, and is as funky as expected. Jenkies!