They say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

We just got done wrapping up the coverage of Drake’s “If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late” and I went to check on the post one last time and realized that the tape had been pulled from Live Mixtapes. Folks, what you’re about to witness, can only be described as finessing. Here’s the word on the street.

drake album 1

Now usually, we don’t get caught up in his kind of hype surrounding artists and disputes they might or might not be having. However, its been no secret that Cash Money Records has been notorious for questionable dealings within the record industry. We heard Drake’s cry for help two years ago, after nearly a decade of cries from previously cornerstone artists like Mannie Fresh and Juvenile. We recently saw artists like Tyga and even Wayne himself, express utter discontent over their business dealings, specifically backed royalties and wages.

So it appears that Mr. Drake has checked and mated the whole damn game. If what these string of tweets are alluding to, then well played by Drake. Also, to future artists looking to land that major label contract, make sure you know what’s really real.

This tweet though:

drake album 3

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  • Cecil Sherman

    After Reading this you can say Check mate …. Sell 500,000 units , hit gold status and break free from cash money records by releasing the 4th and final album of your contract touché . What label will Drake end up on or which label would you like to see him on …maybe Good Music?