Craig Tillman - Nu Dr.Trine

Skate. Been a minute since we heard some new Craig Till Infinity! We cross paths now and again on the scene; at one point I thought he was stopping the music but I’m glad I was confused about that because the Oddball just released a new, small body of work called Nu Dr.Trine, produced entirely by 44. Off rips, “BD2 Lunch Time Flow” caught me off guard. He was flowing hard over what sounded like someone beating on a desk (like we always used to do it this time). I wasn’t sure if he was coming off the dome or not on that one but it was cohesive and pretty damn fresh. The last track, “D’Wights” also has a good vibe. The beat is entrancing and he pulls out some good melodies and continues to embed knowledge gems throughout. Burn up and catch the groove: