UPDATE → Listen to #ImTellinYa here.

muhammad ali mighty jai imtellinya beyo just nick beefy insaniaxclp nation

Nanners. That’s what Mighty Jai’s latest record is. Shout out Beyo for the ridiculous beat and Just Nick for the clean mix. #ImTellinYa is sure to find its way into your playlist this summer. If you haven’t heard of Tampa Bay’s Mighty Jai, take a moment to catch up: Dreams $old Separately was a great, Award-winning album; the production was on point and Jai’s coveted flow can still be heard echoing through the work of artists he influences. Check out this recent Wondermynd-directed visual release for “Marinate” off D$S. If you have a moment, you can see him live with Yo Gotti & YG and also hear Jai’s thoughts on competition and artist chemistry.

@Almighty_Jai’s #ImTellinYa drops this week. Check out the cover art.

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