Today, Jordan brand released the Jordan XX9 (that’s 29 for you non interpretive folks). The company did a swell job of not encountering any leaks in the design, and I was actually anticipating a something remarkable, since the XX9 appeared to be shrouded in such secrecy.

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Today Jordan brand disappointed me once again. Now before I get to bashing…let’s touch on some positives. The whole goal, since Jordan released it’s Future model (which is supremely dope) was to design shoes that were way more functional than previous models. Designer Tinker Hatfield outlined specific desires for shoes that players could actually perform well in. And so it seems…from a performance aspect, they nailed it. The Jordan XX9’s upper is made of a high tech weave system…which keeps the design light weight, yet supportive (with differentiating weave patterns) in key areas like the toe and heel regions.


When it comes to the sole…the Flight Plate technology used in the XX9’s are supposed to provide more even distribution of weight and shock absorption, which is definitely a plus for anyone looking to actually hoop in these shoes. Overall, it’s nice to see some more efficient technology being utilized in shoes…but aesthetically…the Jordan XX9 is a disappointment. The design does not embody the trendsetting nature of previous iconic Jordan models. Realistically, the Jordan XX9 look like nothing more than a pair of Team Jordans. Sigh. Let us know if we’ve been too harsh. Comment below. With an approximate $225 price tag, I’m anxious to hear some performance reviews from anyone who cops these joints to play in. As always, visit daily for our take on the best creative works across the internets! Check out the fully gallery of the Jordan XX9’s below.

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