If you came here because of the title, well then congrats. You win nothing. However, I can inform you of a potential advertising game changer in the works now. Mirriad, the advertising company, is introducing a new concept in product placement, by retroactively branding videos. In other words, your favorite Linkin Park video from back in the day could feature current day ads, regardless of how long ago it was filmed…in this case…back in the day!

Universal Music group will be the first to bring, back dated product placement to the big screen. The overall concept is interesting. On one hand, this is a huge win for the  creatives, who I’m sure stand to collect royalties from the ads, barring they haven’t signed their lives away via an early record deal. At the opposite end of the spectrum, big media has once again found a way to further inundate us with with rubbish advertisements. The problem with advertisements, is that so much has to go right from it’s inception to the end result, which is usually a purchase of a brands product.

Think about the last time you saw a memorable product placement and it was so impactful that it directly led to a purchase. If you’re like me, then, outside of an initial “I need that”, there are not too many ads that lead me in such a direction, either immediately or further down the road. Mirriad, is a company that is attempting to reinvent the concept of advertising for a “skip” generation. In other words, when you see something that doesn’t capture your attention immediately, or at least within the first 20 seconds, then it’s on to the next one. It sucks, because the “skip generation” not only passes up on fleeting advertising attempts, but also some pretty real shit as well. Even further still is when you can be watching some real shit and are then subjected to a bullshit advertisement. Pardon my French.

I was watching a documentary on YouTube the other day and it was interrupted by of all all things, a Goldman Sachs ad for the future of “clean” energy in North America. The ad specifically aligned The United State, Canada and Mexico in its future plans for energy dominance. Perhaps, I’ve said too much.   It’s quite a shame however, because even at the speed which things can be left in the dust, just as quickly, can they be revisited and re-appreciated.

Pretty much the whole world of knowledge is available at our finger tips, on demand, for whenever the time is right. No longer do you have to actually watch the super bowl to catch the funny commercials.  So what does this mean for the future? Does Mirriad’s new wave of advertising seem like a legit attempt at your attention? Will you even notice these back dated ads the next time you’re running back an old jam for #TBT? Perhaps, ads are being so cleverly crafted, that they don’t even have to appear to “work” at first. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. If this article made you feel some kind of way, then be sure to share it with your friends and family.

Below is an example of what the anticipated ad placement would look like, as well as Stephen Colbert’s vision for the future of Mirriad.

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