Maybe I’m late on this one, but I’m never here for hype, only dope. With that said, I’m sure you’re aware of the recent H&M stunt… which infuriated artist and activist Chris Classic as much as it did the rest of the internet. We don’t have to get into the ethics of it; some things are just not a good look. When you are making the big bucks you got to study the market and act like you know, or feel the wrath of the scorned consumer. These mfs know exactly what they’re doing; click-bait is an easy game. HOWEVER… while I truly believe that there’s nothing left to really surprise us in terms of which racist people with even a molecule of power are doing whatever racist things – I mean we are in America and everybody likes to pretend like they forgot what really gwans down here, how this place was founded and continues to run – Classic still snaps back in proper form with “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”. As a father to a young black man in these (or any recent) times, the emcee is as desperately ready to see change as you and I are. I’m talking change to the point that the Kings and Queens inside of us begin to re-emerge. That’s what I’m on. Coon shit is dead! Now, this is my first introduction to Chris Classic, so forgive my oh-he-kinda-sounds-like-Jay comment that I am about to make just made. I’d assume he has heard it before, explaining on CMITJ that he “wrote 4:44 like 4 times before” Mr. Carter ever did. But I digress, the record is still gas. Breath in the good vibes and thank your water: