Firstly, I could have sworn Yeezy was spelled with a y at the end, versus an “i”. Yeezi? Stop it! Just earlier this week, the internet broke as an image of a new sneaker, supposedly designed by Kanye West  for Adidas surfaced…or leaked. I’m absolutely loving the vagaries surround this story by the way. Below is the said image of said sneaker:

Now again, before we all go full retard reacting to the potentials of what an image like this means (essentially nothing, and we’ll explain later on) let’s revisit some of the facts. There has been no official word from any official source, that these are a Kanye West designed shoe, or even an Adidas sneaker for that matter. Naturally of course, there’s the same no official word in regards to if these are even an iteration of the Yeezy 3 which is set to drop sometime later this year.

But for purposes of this piece, let’s assume they were. Let’s assume the aforementioned sneaker is in fact our first look at the Yeezy 3. Whether you hate them or love love, “claim that you’re copping” or wouldn’t throw a nickle at them, or can provide some sort of unverified fashion advise on what you would do if you were designing them, the fact still remains…Adidas will still suck even if Kanye releases unequivocally, the greatest sneaker of all time!

There has been a seemingly newly revived rivalry between sportswear giants: Adidas and Nike. Both come with a pretty nice legacy, which have been forged through the continuity of manufacturing products as cheaply as possible, and then reselling them at exorbitant rates, for Illuminati type profit margins.

Both brands have tried to stay relevant with the times, by aligning themselves with premier athletes and personalities in an attempt to better connect with their audience. Obviously, for those of us, like myself who care about fashion and design, we all have our own reasons on why we ourselves choose, or don’t choose to align with specific brands. However, the underlying reason for brand alignment always starts via our basis senses, particularly look and feel. Adidas, in this era, has failed at that. I want to be clear again, that this isn’t  a who’s better Nike or Adidas or any other brand for that matter. This is about Adidas not really producing cool shoes. Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly of Adidas.

Not counting the original shell toe Adidas, the brand currently has three….and only three cool pairs of sneakers. (Warning: Approaching Epic Post Alert, please fasten your seat belts)


Adidas Originals Tubular Runner

adidas-originals-tubular-runner-black-white-07 adidas-originals-tubular-runner-black-white-05 adidas-originals-tubular-runner-black-white-04 adidas-originals-tubular-runner-black-white-01


Adidas Originals C-10

adidas-originals-c-10-04-960x640 adidas-originals-c-10-03-960x640 adidas-originals-c-10-01-960x640

Adidas Micropacer OG Shoes

C75569_05 C75569_04 C75569_01

The three sneakers shown above all have similar positive qualities in colorway, overall style, craftsmanship, functionality and most importantly stance, or what I would like to call balance. No one part of the shoe looks overbearing, or uncomfortable to wear or look at. Their designs are simple, but futuristic. They can easily be worn as a high fashion accessory, or in the case of the c-10’s as potential solid pair of hoopers.


Adidas Spring Blade Driveshoe 

D73957_03 D73957_04 D73957_01

Adidas Crazy Light

 D73979_05 D73979_04 D73979_01

It’s easy to see why the shoes on our “Bad” list are there. The spring blade shoe, looks like a cross between ancient Babylonian wizardry, and a terrible running accident waiting to happen. Think about moving laterally or backwards in those things. The crazy lights, while…light, are an abomination to shoe profiles. They’re like the crossover of sneakers. Not quite an SUV, not quite a car… not quite a station wagon. Frankly, they’re not quite that cool.


Jeremy Scott Anything with Wings

M29012_04 M29012_01

Y-3 Qasa High “All Black”

y-3-qasa-high-all-black-02-960x640 y-3-qasa-high-all-black-01-960x640

Again, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that despite popularity, ugly is still ugly. Obviously we know there are going to be those who disagree with our view points. When it comes to the ugly from Adidas, we’re anticipating that those naysayers are into Michelin tires and Olympian cos play …because that’s what you would look like sporting the wings or y-3’s. Don’t think we didn’t realize Y-3 was the “luxury” line for Adidas. Thou shalt not hide from internet scrutiny Qasa.


Regardless of what the Yeezy’s represent for the sneaker culture, Adidas as a brand needs to take a hard look at the designs they have slated for the up coming future. Few of them are note worthy, and too many of them are functionally crippled.

Nike has struggled in similar regard in recent years, being seemingly only kept afloat by the might of their signature athlete sneakers (The Lebrons‘, Durants. Kobe’s and Jordan Brand). Upstart turned giant, Under Armour, also battles with bouts of boring in their designs, outwardly incapable of breaking free of their original silhouettes.

I can’t be the only one seeing these things! Everyone needs to tighten up! We as consumers, need to demand more from our favorite brands and not be so sheepishly led into believing that the latest trend is one that is intended to go down in history as some sort of new bench mark or paradigm shift.

As for the supposed Yeezy’s. They’re hideous, and really, I was expecting the new Yeezy’s to look something along the lines of the C-10. Even from a high fashion perspective, they’re just really not all that good. If we want a full on boot, we can stick with Timberlands or Polo’s offering. If we wanted a sneaker, it certainly wouldn’t be one with an outer sole that looked like some entry level home made pie crust.

The Yeezy 1 and 2’s were remarkable shoes. Stellar in design qualities, but functional enough to be used at the pro level. We’ll keep you posted as this story develops, but in the mean time, we’d like to hear from you. Are you really feeling any of the current designs from your favorite brands? Where did those brands go wrong, or lose vision? Let us know by commenting below. As always, be sure to visit daily as we curate and examine on the best creative works from across the internet.

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  • malcyvelli

    Lol hell nah to this whole article.

  • Mario mD Dhanpath

    Lol, thanks for reading! Adidas fan I presume? We tried to keep it objective lol…

  • Mario mD Dhanpath

    Lol, thanks for reading! Adidas fan I presume? We tried to keep it objectively humorous lol…