Alright. I was quick to judgement. When we first featured the rumored adidas Yeezy’s back in November of 2014, we decided to rip adidas a new one for not stepping up to the plate design wise. Fast forward to Spring of 2015, and the Yeezy 750 boosts are finally a reality. Rather, you can make them a reality when the first 9000 pairs are released for sale at a comfy $350 per pair. There’s no word on if any other colorways or additional runs are to come, but $350 for a pair of sneakers is still $350 for a pair of sneakers. So that leads us to this. wants to know:

Would you rather spend $350 on a pair of Yeezy 750’s or an Ounce of Weed?

Leave your comments below and be sure to share and enjoy!

The Yeezy’s are set to officially drop on Valentines Day, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Also, for the record, while the design and profile of the shoe is rather nice, this shoe cannot be used in real world circumstances, outside of walking from your chauffeured Roll’s to some 5 star resort, free of any liquids. At least with Jordans, you always know that if you need to drop someone off on the court, you can get it done. There, I said it.

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kanye-west-adidas-yeezy-750-boost-on-display-new-york-01-960x640 kanye-west-adidas-yeezy-750-boost-on-display-new-york-02-960x640

  • CharliFunk

    looks like i should bein the woods living with Ewoks but i’m down for that!