Allow us to present our views from the 6. This weekend, October’s very own, Drake, dropped 3 brand new records in quick succession. How About Now came in the wee hours on Sunday, followed by 6 God and How Bout Now soon after. It’s been pretty hectic here, so I honest skimmed through each of the records, and deemed 6 God to be the most tangible. Now that we’ve worked our way into the week, I got a chance to revisit these records again.

6 God

I love the beat on this record and I”m considering bringing it to the whip to see what the sonics are like. The beat, though simple, is pretty nice. Drake’s flow is solid, but is what we’re used to, when he’s on these paced records. The change at the end is really nice, so I encourage listening to it all the way through. I love reading the comments on It’s fun by the boatload.

How About Now

How About Now, took a chance with this beat. The baseline is supposed to carry this record, and while it does, Drake’s cadence isn’t doing and saying it for me. I also wish there were some bigger bass notes to super chill the vibe. The chorus and overall tone of the record would have been instant radio hit’s because it’s a super safe record. Again, the closing of this record is pretty sweet, and probably should have replaced the chorus entirely. Just thinking out loud.

Heat Of The Moment

I really like the chorus in this record. It’s big, and the levels are well executed. I also liked the outro, as you can’t help but be interested in what this guy is saying. I can presume it’s Drake’s father, but don’t quote me on that. This one may grow on me, but don’t quote me on that.

All song’s are available for free download, so that was cool. Word on the street is that these song’s were hacked and stolen from the man himself, and were released at hyper speed to ensure only Drake was getting the drop on Drake. If that makes it to record, I need my 10% Drake. For serious.

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