We were lucky enough to have a Q&A with New Orleans rapper Moe, who caught our attention when we saw the Erik Barney-directed music video for “No Holds Barred”, off his “Is Anybody Listening” mixtape series. Moe was born at Charity Hospital – the same hospital as Lil Wayne – but both his parents were incarcerated by the time he was 6, leaving him in the care of his grandmother. Check out this CLP exclusive with Moe and take an inside look at his inspiring story.

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The Rundown

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We saw the video for “No Holds Barred” and we were very impressed. It seems there were a lot of tribulations for you to overcome since you were a child. How far back do you remember? Can you tell us about any memories you have of your parents?

“The earliest memory I have of my parents is maybe kindergarten. Or one of those early grades.. Unfortunately , I only have a few memories of my mother before the incarceration of my parents. One of em’ was a time when my mom and I went to a dj in the magnolia projects. This must’ve been a really traumatic experience for me because I was really young but I remember it like it was yesterday.. Anyway, we was at the dj in the project and a tan car pulled up next to where we was standing. Next thing I know, a man ran up to the car and let off a single shot to the drivers head. I remember running into a hallway in the projects and my mom had to come find me. The sh*t happened so fast, but I remember every gruesome detail”

What was it like living with your Grandmother? You mentioned siblings in “No Holds Barred,” where are they now?

“Living with my grandmother was the happiest times of my life. She took on the role of my mother and was probably the last person who ever really cared/loved me like my mom. My sisters are currently living with my aunt. She took them in after my grandmother passed.”

After moving to Los Angeles with your Grandmother, why do you think you found yourself getting expelled from school so much?

“I was just really angry. I felt like nobody gave a f*ck about me. I had no other outlet to express what I was going through at the time so I fought. I wanted people to feel what I was feeling.”

You’ve lived in a few places during the course of your life; do you prefer New Orleans, Los Angeles or New York?

“New Orleans is home and I will always love New Orleans but I slightly prefer Los Angeles. I’m probably basing my answer solely off of the fact that I love Cali girls though. Los Angeles also have really nice.. Umm.. plants.” 

In which of those cities did you find the most inspiration, and where are you headed next?

“I found inspiration from all of them. My music is a reflection of my life. Everything I been through. Everything I go through. Everything I feel and everything I see. Each city proposed situations and challenges. I just incorporate it in my music. I have no idea where I’m headed next though. Hopefully in front of a broader audience.” 

new orleans mo is anybody listening

What’s the most difficult challenge you’ve had to face so far, while making a name for yourself in the music industry?

“Trying to handle everything on my own. And staying focused when real life intervenes.” 

Do you enjoy working with other independent artists? If so, who are you planning on working with in the future?

“I actually haven’t worked with too many independent artist yet. But I would like to work with Tory lanez in the future. I’ve been following his movement since I heard the cypher with him , meek , kid ink and Los” 

What kind of response did you get from “Is Anybody Listening? Vol. 3”? What is the next project on your plate?

“I’ve received an overall positive response from the tape. A few people had a few constructive remarks but that’s expected. Everyone seemed to enjoy what I was talking about and felt the lyrics and messages in the songs. I just wanted people to feel me and understand who I am and I think I achieved that. I’m currently working on an EP at the moment though. It’s still untitled at this point. 

How’d you hear about CLP Nation? What do you think?

“I heard about CLP Nation when I was getting ready to release my project. CLP Nation was one of the earliest supporters of my mixtape. Before other blogs started covering the mixtape , I was already stamped by CLP Nation so I’ll be a fan for life. I have a certain gratitude for people who look out for me before I become a trend. Thank y’all” 

Any last words? Shout out, promo, whatever!

“Yup, shout out to god for blessing me with a challenging upbringing. It prepared me for life earlier than most and gave me a relatable story to rap about. Stay tuned for the EP”