fair child of god no diamens

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Fair impresses with Child of God, a powerful debut project featuring aggressive, clever lyricism and some production more our speed. I hate that these days, everyone is trying to jump on the same sounding shit as everyone else, so we should definitely take a moment to bow our heads and thank producers Conrizzle and Mr. Ivory Snow for the refreshing, next-level production. Child of God is filled with intriguing conflict, as Fair balances his desire to be like Christ with painful experiences and human vulnerabilities. Guest artists on Child of God include Conrizzle and his alter ego Loochey Lovely, Mr. Ivory Snow, Dr. Millionaire, Chance Fischer, MH Tha Prez, and Erikka J.

Safe to say that so “NO DIAMENS” is my favorite so far. Beat nuts! Grab this album on iTunes or Amazon below.

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