Just finished setting up the YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/carmellabs, special thanks to all our fans showing us support! We will not disappoint!

Life in the Lab – “Directors Cut”

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  • [..YouTube..] This is AWESOME. Both of you ripped the track.

  • [..YouTube..] You boys are caustic! Keep shredding through these tracks like acid!

  • [..YouTube..] This was cool man ! I see you been puttin in work

  • [..YouTube..] flames

  • [..YouTube..] f-f-f- fire!

  • [..YouTube..] YYEEAA!!! Ya’ll rocked that track nephew. I love it – thanks for sharing. MUAH!!!

  • [..YouTube..] I def respect the grind. I see you

  • [..YouTube..] This is hot.

  • TheWillBrennan

    [..YouTube..] thanks V, still waiting on that collab big homie!

  • [..YouTube..] Heat. FIYAH.

  • [..YouTube..] LOVE IT BAH damn so good!

  • [..YouTube..] dope… dope…

  • [..YouTube..] Spitin like P-90s

  • [..YouTube..] that shit is HOT.

  • Samantha

    That was pretty sick my GOD!! Wow!! Never Stop.

  • [..YouTube..] Dis Shit Dope

  • [..YouTube..] @oc93lion glad u diggin it bredrin….. thanks for showin love

  • [..YouTube..] I like what u do with yo hooks I catchy but not commerical.

  • [..YouTube..] I like what u do with yo hooks Its catchy but not commerical.