If you haven’t seen Episode Seven of professional driver Ken Block’s foolishness behind the wheel, episode Eight, is a good place to start. Ken Block is best known for blowing up the internet with his amazing driving skills for team Hoonigan. The great thing about this find is that you don’t even have to care too much about Dubai, racing cars…drifting cars…driving or pretty much life…to not find this utterly entertaining.

It kinda makes sense that this latest installment of Ken turning public streets into his personal vehicular playground would take place in Dubai. It was a couple years back now that I read where the Dubai “bubble” had burst, and while still home to the ultra wealthy, was still relatively uninhabited as the vision hadn’t really lived up to the hype. Either that or Dubai is just another place for the super wealthy to hide their money and have top 1% problems. I digress.

Enjoy the spectacular show that is Gymkhana Eight, brought to you by Ken Block and probably the only version of a Ford Fiesta I would ever consider driving.

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