Dabron Kain speaks pure knowledge on Raising the Glass Ceiling, his debut indie LP. The album’s crisp sonics come courtesy of James Wood at Executive Sounds Studios. You’ll find soulful production from varying producers from the Tampa Bay area including Traxx Man, Mike Mass and Santos. A few passionate features lay in the tides as the album progresses, including a notable cameos from Guianna and Lab Rats featured artist Blu JD. Dabron includes a lot of of acoustic elements throughout the project, creating a more diverse playing field for the listener. We’ve seen the St. Petersburg-based emcee perform several of these cuts live, and he delivers himself each time. Raising The Glass Ceiling holds the prayers of a focused, spiritual emcee that just wants to make it out; an emcee who can see past the invisible boundaries of our harsh reality and is on a hunt for greatness. Catch the vibe:

Tracks I Stamped:
Too Real” (Video)
“City Bus Diaries”
Soul Purpose” (Video)
“Raising the Glass Ceiling”
“Get It Right” (Bonus: I’m glad that just happened.)

raising the glass ceiling2