I’m not trying to come across as a TD (Turbo Douche) by criticizing this collaboration before listening, but I can admit that I did let out an exhausted “sigh” before I pressed play on this one. I blame it on Future, just because you almost know exactly what his entire contribution to the record was going to be, after the first 30 seconds of the record.  Thankfully, I put my preconceived notions behind me and listened to this DnF (Drunk & F*&k) record by P Reign, Drake and Future. What I found was an overall nicely riding record, with solid verses from both Drake and P Reign. The instrumentation is super chill, and thankfully, Future doesn’t overpower it in any parts. Alright, enough of my shade, check this joint out and let us know what YOU think. Leave a comment below. Share it with your friends and your mom. Most importantly…visit CLPNation.com daily for our take on the best creative works across the internet.

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