heyeyella zhudaru

Pow! We had the pleasure of editing this Zhudaru-directed video for the homie and emcee outta St. Pete, HeyeYella. The linguistics are strong with this young Thundercat right here; you may get lost in the verbiage at times, only to find yourself immersed right back into the groove after an awkward pause at the right moment. Yella’s abstract approach to song-building and his selection of dope hip hop beats that have a nostalgic snap to them has made a fan out of many listeners, including myself. I think he and Ameen Spade could easily kill a collab; but I digress. “Stray Thoughts” doesn’t appear on TheHeyeYellaTape, but there are quite a few solid cuts on the project (might hear a CLP Nation beat on there too, ijs). Anyway, burn up and catch the vibe: