Well, top of the morning to you on this lovely Friday. I’ve hit the blogs early to bring you all the finest in everything, and am “switching lanes” (pun intended) to focus on this newest piece of wetness. And I quote from Bugatti directly: “…the Bugatti 16C Galibier will be the world’s most exclusive, elegant and powerful four door car…wonderful combination of art, form and technique..”. Aiiight! Check out this sneak peak of the concept version for this “world’s most exclusive, elegant and powerful four door car” and let me know what you all think. I can honestly say, that at one point while watching this preview, I proceeded to spin circles in my chain as I was overwhelmed with wickedness. Worth the watch if you’re into cars and fancy things…and if you’re not you probably have limited to no life goals, aspirations or dreams, and are content being a pawn in this game called life. I digress. Don’t be a p boy…or p girl…watch the video. Side note, the Galibier is set to be priced at a modest $1.5 million, which for most of us means that you should probably kill yourself for not having that much swag. Share and enjoy!


Learn more about Bugatti here.