Here’s a great record to get things rolling tonight. This brother and sister duo of Caleb & Georgia Nott hail from Aukland, New Zealand, but their distinct sound is sure to set the internets a fire withing the next few months. The video, while a bit hard to follow, is still very visually appealing  but does at times take away from the epic sound that is the Never Gonna Change record.

broods, new zealand

The record pairs a well produced instrumental over Georgia’s impeccable vocals, and if from the duo’s self titled EP. It’s available for stream or purchase below, so if you’re vibing, then be sure to share this with a friend or two. If you’re not feeling it, then don’t hesitate to let us know why, as we’re always striving to curate the best creative works for you all. Share and enjoy. That breakdown at 3 mins though! Wet! Like the video. Ha!


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