Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Jay Z & Pusha T! Back at it again killing the game. Alright, so while maybe not THAT epic, Drug Dealers Anonymous dropped this morning, pretty much as a blessing from the Heavens above. I can almost picture Jay Z in some mansion, in front of his Mac Book like:

generous god

This record is simply fantastic. It’s a polar opposite to pretty much anything out there in the mainstream, and is packed full of gems. I almost automatically want to say that Pusha had the stronger of the two verses, but I’m still enjoying the fact that he was able to share ad legit track with Jay Z. This record feels like Jay Z might have actually linked up with Pusha T to make this happen, versus sharing the record via email.

Whatever the case though, this track felt like a literal, old lions don’t roar, so the clowns a’int nervous , circa Darkest Before The Dawn. This joint is definitely worth the listen. I know I have to run this one back like 20 more times to catch all the magic, but it will be well worth it. Share and enjoy!

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Listen to Drug Dealers Anonymous – Pusha T & Jay Z 


Pusha T recently hopped on Genius.com (also know as rapgenius.com) to annotate some key pieces to this record. We thought it was worth the share as well. This one was a much-needed shock to the heart of hip-hop music.