trinidad james no-one-is-safe

Wow. I’m loving this collaboration between Big K.R.I.T. and Trinidad James. The old school vibe on this record is so well-placed. I feel like Turbo and Ozone are battling to save the youth center again. Can I safely say that this was the last thing I would think I would hear from these two? Anyway, I’ve been on my #BlackLivesMatter high horse recently, so I’m loving the energy put forth into this record. I appreciate that other people realize that we all ignore things that we can blatantly see are happening around us. I’m even more excited that James and K.R.I.T. worked on something like this; very inspiring. Lucky for me, Diplo and James already made Black Man Part 2. Keep ’em peeled for TJ’s upcoming free album, No One Is SaFe. Catch the vibe:

black man trinidad james big krit

via RapRadar