Talk about back to back. It was only a few days ago that Nike released the Elite version of the KD 8. It was a bit of a strange release, as the pictures didn’t really do the shoe justice. The Elite 8’s featured that built in sock thing that nike has been favoring for about the last year now, which is fine, but still leaves me questioning its actual on-court function. Kevin Durant wore them the other night and they seemed to hold up, but only time will tell.


Without giving the fans too much time to even digest them, Nike fired a 2nd shot with a drop dead gorgeous preview of the KD 9’s, obviously not dropping until closer to next season. They feature some sort of new Nike Air cushioning wizardry, which one reader on another blog alluded to, could be more of a cost savings tactic before design feature. Either way, if you can turn a blind eye to overzealous consumerism, cheap outsourced factory labor and astronomical profit margins, then this might be the sneaker for you. While I’m all for a worldly revamp, especially in regards to “things” and “stuff” and yearning to always have the latest, these right here…are fire! Side note: Today’s word of the day is cynical. Check out the previews below, and be on the look for these to drop this summer at about $150, which really is fair value in today’s market. I’ve loved every KD shoe since the 4’s…and the 9 seems to be the greatest iteration to date. Bless up!

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