gatsby championship title belt purple wing

One time for Tampba Bay. Repping Tampa, FL, the young emcee and professional wrestling fan Gatsby aka Gat$ has a style all his own and it’s refreshing to hear. That’s just one of the reasons brands like Purple Wing give their co-sign.

This tape right here though is proof of evolution as the great Gat$ has grown from thebluetape to theredtape to the culmination of his efforts thus far, Starship Jericho. We were lucky enough to get an advanced copy for a sneak peak of the project before the upcoming Mieux Magazine-hosted listening party (details down bottom) and subsequent release. I took a few scratch notes on my personal opinion of the records and figured I’d just bullet them below:

starship jericho back cover

Undisputed – Familiar Gatsby sound.
Liontamer – Hype, soulful. Can see style growth.
Sunday AM / PM – Nice change of pace. Love the aroma. Love the PM addition.
8:47 – Personal release on this one. Can feel the sadness. Quit Ya Job Nigga!
New Millennium – Weird track.
Lonely – One of my favorite productions on tape.
The Ayatollah – Liked it from the moment it dropped.
Man of the City (Heel Turn) – Working class anthem. Fuck it then we robbing. I think he said robbing. Maybe riding. Dope either way.
Problems Money Can Buy – Like the mob feel on this. Very personal and relate-able issues. But they aint give me shit for the codeine…
Restart – YOLO. This one’s for the kids. Dope production.
Trapping Will Will You – I like this song, reminds me of theredtape.

starship jericho front cover

All in all I enjoyed it and will put it in my rotation. As I mentioned earlier, his style is uncommon and therefore far from watered down. The production from West Egg go-to’s like UltraBeatz and Santos seems to provide Gatsby a home in which to triumph over any woes that come and go. Hopefully, when it’s released, you will be here, locked and loaded, ready to strap in and board the Starship for a quick brain ride just short of an hour. If you can’t wait, you should take your ass out to the listening party on the 8th. Am I right, Justin? But if you absolutely can’t can’t wait… not even til the listening party… then you can check out the #beforeSTARSHIP playlist below, which has features from Scott Aye, Sammy White and Boy Wonder.

gatsby starship jericho listening party