Where to begin?

I’ve been trying to read a lot of the comments on records and videos I come across on a daily basis. It’s like a confirmation of how the collection unconscious enjoys a song or video. When you see back to back positive comments regarding the art or an artist, you can almost feel the heartbeat of music start pumping again. That was mildly poetic. I digress.

I actually got to this video only a couple hours after it dropped, but was streaming it in the car and realized I would have to revisit it due to the volume levels fluctuating throughout the song. Naturally, upon further examination, I realized this was another W for King Kendrick.

I listened to DAMN. and DNA. was hands down my favorite record off the album, but only a tad behind HUMBLEBeyond that, I haven’t given the album enough time to provide any further commentary, so I won’t….for now. DNA is pretty much, at least for the remainder of 2017, the gold standard for how an rap/hip-hop album should be kicked off. The video was able to do justice to an already wicked record.

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