Great news everyone!

This video was originally released in 2013, and despite it’s 80K views, it’s still relatively undiscovered. In today’s YouTube era, it can sometimes feel, especially for musicians, that it’s viral or nothing. It’s sad, really because of how many records like this one will go undiscovered, and thus altering the entire course of humanity as we know it. I digress.

Girl, despite is age, has immediately become one of my most favorite records of this year. In our previous post, we encountered Yeo for the first time and I alluded to the similarities between him and UK’s Jai Paul. Yeo seemingly effortlessly not only pays a sort of homage to Jai Paul, but also picks up where he sort of left off. Simply amazing. This record won’t disappoint. Share and enjoy!

Should have just called this one the Record Of The Night.