cap 6

Checkout the second collaborative from the Florida lyricist collective Capital 6! The collective’s members include Intricate The Almighty, CRIMSON, Rob OHTIS, Brasco, and Hakeem Furious. On Summer Jelly 2, the Cap 6 emcees trade slots, verses and vibes over slick production, to create a cohesive hip-hop compilation that showcases both talent and soul. Speaking of production, the roster includes BLAK IRON & Nkenge, Mathematics, Tag Team, Backpack Beatz, Apollo Brown, Evan Haynes, Chef Gold, Jordeaux, Fourth Monk & Sealab 2020, DJ Premier, Vintage Tux, ACR, Ahams Tought Me and J. Cole. The records “Mighty Healthy,” “Chocolate City,” “Heads Up,” “7 Chakras” & “Devil’s Pie” deserve honorable mentions on my first run through of SJ2. These young thundercats would have you thinking they’re from an era long gone. This is it. Catch the vibe:

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