I love YouTube comments…everyone is an instant critic. This latest jam(which I personally think is wicked) is brought to you by Bassnectar and Lupe Fiasco. I know Bassnectar and I know Lupe very well. This combo seems legit, but at one quick glance at the comments section under this video, you’ll see all walks of life partaking in heated debates about how Lupe is mainstream now, or how this was a shitty Bassnectar song to begin with, and of course, my favorite which can only be categorized as the “bring Food & Liquor/The Cool Lupe back”. YouTube should require you to only have a real portrait of yourself as your avatar, that way people like me can put a face to the mess that these pricks keep rappin about. This bitch is jammin…weird but still jammin. Share and enjoy!


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