What up N!ationals? So, the planets are aligning, because Rick Ross decided to enlist legends Timbaland and Jay Z for this truly booming record, Moving Bass. First things first thought. This beat, I know was wicked to listen to in the studio, but the song isn’t doing it for me. Yes it bangs, but, and you’ll very rarely say this, the beat is too crowed.

I like all the sounds individually, but the record should have been arranged better to let them shine through multiple changes and layers, versus the same loop playing over and over. The hook from Jay Z, isn’t great, unless there’s some double en tantra that I’m missing.

The one highlight of this record, however, is the solidity of Rick Ross’ verses. I was purely impressed by his flow and content. Small victories people. It’s all about small victories. How do you eat an elephant? One piece at a time! Don’t eat elephants. Visit CLPNation.com daily as we bring you our take on the best creative works from across the internet. Oh, an obviously, be sure to let us know what you thought about this record, by leaving a comment below, or sharing this on your social networks!

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