MC Fanotch spits tenacious and menacing bars of flame on his latest mixtape, The Peter Parker Project. With energy similar to the likes of ONYX, Red Man, etc., Fanotch is hip hop it its raw form. That said, I find “Unbelievable” to be one of my favorite joints on here, with the Dubb Bangers-produced “More Fiayh” coming next. I wish there were videos for these records, but there are adaptations for “Villains” and “Whippin It Back,” both of which you can find down bottom. Yo, I think Fanotch and Vinny Virgo would mesh well on a record, but I digress. Stream the full-length project below, and find your own favorite. Then check out Az1’s full review when you wrap up here. Catch the vibe:

Watch “Villains” & “Whippin It Back”