Warning: Graphic Images / Content

I am only writing about this… to give this couple a VOICE.

To recognize the MAGNITUDE of this situation… let’s backtrack about seven months. Let’s put YOU in their shoes.

You are part of a young couple, living Missouri. You find out you’re pregnant. Mother-to-be sits Father-to-be down and has ‘the talk’.

You know the talk… the one where you’re SUPPOSED to be happy, but you’re scared and cautious at the same time. 

Mother-to-be says, I’m pregnant… all the while staring at Father-to-be. Mother-to-be is hoping for an accepting smile, nervous hug, hell, ANYTHING that will put Mother-to-be at ease. There is an instinctual need to be able to feel the JOYS of reproduction. There is a need to feel support, like she’s not doing this alone. Father-to-be takes a second, breathes deeply for about 8 minutes and then finally, accepts it. He appreciates it. He says, “we’re going to have a baby” (All the while, thinking… well, damn. If we’re going to have a baby… I hope it’s a boy!).

Weeks pass…Doctors appointments start allowing the opportunity for days off from work. Fourteen weeks pass…and you get an appointment…the one that will allow you to HEAR YOUR FIRST BORN CHILD’S HEART BEAT. This will be their HEART BEAT, but more importantly…for both mother and father-to-be…it will be a chance to hear the heart beat that they created together. It is the ONE piece of REASSURANCE that you’ve done it right. It serves as proof that the magical art of reproduction has blessed you with a child.

You go into the appointment. You probably wait, for what seems like 82 years. You’re hungry, irritated, and quite frankly… WANT TO GO HOME. Then, the technician calls your name. The SIGHS can’t get any louder! You mumble ‘FINALLY’ as you cautiously walk towards the room (the one where you sit… even longer, with nothing to do). The radiologist tells your significant other to take their clothes off and get into a paper gown.

Paper and HOPE are the only things that separate you from wanting to slap a stranger, in fear that someone else other than you is looking at your significant other’s goods.

Mother-to-be lays down and separates the paper from her tummy. The radiologist (tech) applies the COLDEST, MOST UNCOMFORTABLE gel onto her tummy and starts to move a joystick-like object over her ovaries.

You both look at the monitor to see, what looks like, seismic waves of an earth quake. Feeling like a meteorologist, you attempt to decipher the severity of what seems like the development of an impending hurricane. A woofering, fading sounds comes from speakers. Fast and loud beats from the heart begin to drown every other sound out. YOU…both of you… have brought life into the world. Then, it hits you…both of you, of course. You all are no longer just responsible for just yourself.

At that very moment, you question your goals and what life has to bring for you. You realize the importance of what you offer for your child to come; and make a commitment to yourself. You WANT to do the best for them.

Many months go by. Your friends throw a baby shower, you have a room in your house designated JUST for the baby (which… used to be your fun room. NOW, it’s for the baby… because THAT’S HOW proud you both are to be parents).

Your eating habits change. You take up Yoga… YOU NAME THE BABY.

You are starting to feel the flutterie feeling of parenthood.

You’re 28 weeks in. You start getting contractions. The books that you read (because, every good parent reads ALL the books) say that it’s okay to have ‘braxton hicks’ contractions that early so despite what feels like a gut feeling..you are still sure that everything will be okay. Time goes by, you call your OBGYN. The only Doctor available is DR. WEBB. You’ve never MET him, nor realized he was affiliated with your true OBGYN, but, HE will be giving birth to your new child.

A normal pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. You’re only 28 weeks so your anxiety increases and you start questioning your decision. Did I EAT something that induced early labor?! Did I DO something wrong? Have I been under a lot of stress?

(This is when it gets real)

You go to the hospital, assuming you’re going to receive the BEST care. You have all of your faith in your physician because they’ve had SEVERAL more years of schooling and experience than anyone you can NAME.

They do all of the normal check-ups and realize, YOU”RE in LABOR!

DR WEBB, on-call, is RUSHED to get there.


by now, you’re panicked. With the need to do ANYTHING to make sure your baby is safe… you are told, you can only deliver in this hospital. Though, you are concerned with the term time frame… you listen to your Doctor’s advice. You listen, because, they’re supposed to know best.

You’re dilated.

Your PRIMARY OBGYN had recommended that you get a C-Section because, due to the size of the baby (this was back at 28 weeks). He stated that the complications could put you at risk.

HOWEVER, there is an ON CALL physician who comes in…on your delivery day, and tells you that you can give birth vaginally. He assures you…both of you…that a C-Section is not necessary.

Hesitantly, you proceed. You feel that the Doctor will have you and your baby’s best interest at heart.

Now, you’re going into labor. You can’t TAKE the violent contractions. You’re now, TEN CENTIMETERS dilated. It’s GO TIME. The on-call physician attempts vaginal delivery against all of the things you were told by your normal OBGYN… but, again…  you trust them.


Dr. Gilbert Webb comes in, pulls your new born baby’s head, hoping to dislodge the baby from the birth canal only to realize that the canal is not large enough.

The realization occurred only after he has SEPARATED THE BABIES HEAD FROM THE NECK.

You see blood spewing from your pelvis and assume, it’s part of delivery.

The Doctor, in a panic… PUSHES THE BABY BACK INTO THE BIRTH CANAL and orders an emergency C-Section.

Why didn’t he just do this from the beginning, is what you were thinking.

There’s not even enough time to allow the pain medication to set in and the Doctor starts cutting into your uterus. The PAIN is so excruciating you’re not sure you can handle it!

Moments later, your child is lifted from your body… bandaged by the physician staff and handed to you. Dead. Still. NO movement.


The expression on your face changes from accomplished to concerned. The Doctor (WEBB) had fastened the head onto the neck, to resemble a live baby, however,the baby is no longer alive.

He had the audacity to FAKE the life of their child. ACT as though he was still alive, amongst performing a slew of medically incorrect procedures.

HOW COULD HE ASSUME that they wouldn’t realize that they were holding a still baby?! This was the life they had anticipated.

This family has brought the physician to court.

I hope, that the ‘Doctor’ is given the justice deserved – by the family. If my first child was taken from me… because someone did not make the right judgement call… I can’t say that I would make the best decisions.

That’s all I have (as I sit here… empathetic and distraught).

Good night folks. Share the word.

We apologize for the graphic images below, but this is to help demonstrate the SEVERITY of what  this Doctor has done. Here is a photo of a severed baby’s head at 21 weeks… I can’t believe this…