From the upcoming A3F (Effortless), by B. Nyce. Remix of Lil Wayne’s Megaman, from Tha Carter IV 🙂

You’re gonna love #A3F. Yeeee! Happy MOTHERF*#&@#*@ NEW YEARS!$!$!$!@!@ — Lyrics below.

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B. Nyce – Megaman 2

im headed for zion! but i dont get no z’s
so no ions either (no energy) but im a champ-een
if im david and Jay was the goliath
i aint scared, nor am i quiet, if i have to i will rock a fella, //
….kill the game and profit til my pockets swell up
to the funeral, i’ll rock a bloody black umbrella
understand that, underneath it I will stand, say a prayer then im takin all your fans, all you niggas can get it //
and I dont mean man to man im in the zone nigga
shout out to-the neptunes all im hearin is clones, nigga
tried to warn em, but you know us unknown niggas
dont get no listens, witout a valid co..sig…natory… //
true story: hip hop aint changing, the times are
……….. and there’s two things i cant wait to drop
besides good head and a casket in a hater’s plot
mmmmmmmm….. b. nyce and flyin cars, //
you cannot stop me… eh….. im so Intrepid
you gon have to Dodge me…. eh…
get your own swag, over, do you copy?
rhetorical, i know you do, its not impressive, u be bitin niggas like a zombie //
pre-cise-ly why i like to recite-these fire bars
i reached out and now a nigga got the streets hype, they like “nyce go hard’
I feels like, a couple months and some weeks time until i go large
me to CLP? bill gates… microsoft //
Corporate thuggin’ spreadsheets and cheeky smiles
…It’s like they invent shit to keep you down
Double windsor or a jesus piece. Jesus, please,
take these restraints of my people, set my people free //
they call me b. nyce for a reason, the b is for belligerent.
my knee highs call me steven…. but you could call me a lyricist
I never made it to the belly of the beast,
it was so overwhelmed it couldn’t eat, //
It told me go back to from whence u came
..said he would never forget my name
i told him i would destroy him if we were to meet again
prepare for annihalation, ill teach you pain if you ever speak my name //
Im so sick i need antibotics
Maybe ill just take a sip as half an alcoholic
I like my cheese like i like it on my macaroni – Extra
find me in a bottle like a stranded travelers message,
cannibalistic, Hannibal Lector //
eat the beat, then I digest it,
feed the streets, they never neglected
i’m in the lead, runnin my Sektor
call me Cyrax nigga, i wreck ya
…i’m the wind, i’m ready to blow in any direction
hopefully up and away wit it, play wit it, everything I say is just amazin aint it?//
i kill beats, while my peers shit-stainin em
im on another level, I go hard – titanium
these ladies they be crazy, one day imma find my favorite one
….u might get my in heart, but you won’t soon get into my…. //
….my cranium