Nyce Guy Vol. 1 – 1st mixtape release by B. Nyce of Carmel Labs Productions LLC. Like B. Nyce on Facebook to get updates on new B. Nyce music. You can watch videos from the mixtape at our Youtube page. Cover art by Cheshire. Stream the mixtape, and FREE download below:

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  • Allen

    I am a producer, wanted to come in contact with you,
    I don’t find any email addresses anywhere on the site,
    so I am using the comment tab. please get back to me if you recieve this
    message. its very important. cheers

    BTW. awesome work… fantastic


  • Allen
    dude im gonna email u in a bit. otherwise get at me via

  • Frank White

    Nyce!!!!! unbelievably this my first time hearing the whole first project!!
    my dog on dey azz!!!!!
    I know more comming…. LEGGO!!