Watch Aych’s new Intro video for the up coming mixtape: Monster!

Aych represents Tampa, Florida hosting an open mic competition and raps as a form of release. He maintains his integrity through truths in music. Originally, an aspiring Basketball player he’s switched his focus to share his lyrics with those who can relate.

I’m anxious for his mixtape to drop! I hope he keeps CLP in loop!

[I said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’d like to think that there are two groups of lyricists in the rap game. There are wrappers (verb) those who write lyrics formed as a cloak or cover up to who they are; and there are RAPPERS. Poets with cadence spoken over instrumentals that emphasize the stories of their lives.] Aych is a #RAPPER… better yet, in his terms, he’s a REAL RAPPER. Show support!

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