UPDATE: This song is now featured on We Are The Nation 2! #WRTN2 is brought to you by CLPNation.com.

Now back to your scheduled programming:

2013 has been quite the year for the North Carolina based hip hop collective Free the Optimus. Playing shows with the likes of Cannibal Ox, Free Radio, Quanstar, and C. Pitt has helped hone and progress the FTO formula to an ever more refined mixture. Check out these cold bars from Trapbo’ Chad and C.Shreve the Professor, on a groovy beat by SpaceGang. “Parallel” is off Trapbo’s The Tape and also featured on C.Shreve’s Professing Vol. 2. You can grab the free “Parallel” MP3 here.

Can’t have righteousness without the wicked; can’t have anything without its parallel.

Twitter: @trapbo_chad @seeshreve @FreeTheOptimus
Web: FTOlife.com


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