Hard hitting beat from Hassani Kwess complemented by real ass flows from Ezko outta Gaithersburg, Maryland. Ezko is in the studio working very hard on his upcoming album Coming Of Age. Free download here.

Twitter: @EzkoBarz
Facebook: iamezko


I’m back again
I’m back to win
They hackling
The African that’s steady
Leading a pack of kings
Very special packaging
No wonder they mad at him
Flow so pleasant
Got a nugga spreading like a pathogen
I got a blessing
I never stress to impress em
I’m just focused on my green
mothafuck French dressing
Niggas goin broke
Tryna look rich for a bitch
Fuck boy u might as well
Put a slit to ya wrist
And put happily passed after
Ya minds ass backwards
And my laughter
is the result of whack rappers
Who run they mouth
But never been a factor
TMZ showed
2 Chainz turn to Casper
I ain’t dissin I ain’t got time
I’m on a mission
N if u don’t like it
U really ain’t gotta listen
But the tooth works
If the truth hurts
U either learn to lose
Or learn to move first


They say wat goes up must come down
My head to the sky and my ears to the ground
They sayin I’m the one
N this life is like the matrix

If u ain’t talkin money mothafuck ya conversation
mothafuck ya conversation (a couple times)


Less talk more action
Work ethic and passion
My mind drive west
Im gettin the car dashin
On the road to
Niggas turn to bitches
N I get vicious
Nigga my mind is on business
I would never mind yours
I’m workin to find more
From a dusty apartment
To a mansion wit 5 floors
Don’t mind me
I been hungry since 19
losings not like me
It’s quite unlikely
They wanna fight me, cuz they niggas wanna be like me
they bitches wanna bite me
they supposedly wifey
These niggas trash
So I throw em in the bag
N I don’t get mad my nigga
I get
And that’s that
Kick it like it q-tip the abstract
So stand back
Dont check me unless u A.S.C.A.P
U glad rap I spit mean
My shits heem
And even Michelangelo ain’t fuckin with my Six-stine’s


E Pluribus Unum, canis

ART by. CalecoVision