There are some creative individuals that when I see they got a new joint, I just automatically start a new post on the blog and get ready to start typing when I hit play; Tampa songstress/ukelist Ari Chi is one such artist. I don’t know if you remember seeing us post about “From A Distance“, but that was one of my favorite joints I’ve come across on the blog, period. The new video for “Seafoam” follows Ari POV-style as she spends the afternoon with her S.O., after taking BOTH the red and blue pills. There are a few cameos from some of Tampa’s finest emcees, dj’s and producers, but ultimately this video is just a small snapshot of Ari Chi’s world. To be honest, after the first listen, I don’t know what the song is truly about; it just feels good and full of love. The magic is that she makes you want to play it over and over until you get it; her voice is so damn soothing! Anyways, enough talk… burn up and catch the vibe: