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Wow. I’ve said this many times in the past, but it really takes hearing a special something in a vocalist’s voice for me to really feel that they’re about this life. We’ve brought you music from Vanessa Elisha before, so this shouldn’t come as any surprise that her debut EP Don’t Go has gotten the nod of approval. On top of that, we got a hold of Vanessa’s album via our submissions pipeline. We’re loving how the quality of music submitted to our site is getting better and better, and Vanessa Elisha’s Don’t Go is a perfect example of that. The EP is 5 tracks of sonic perfection. Her production is perfect for her style and neither her voice or the instrumentals overpower each other at any point. The records are chalked full of flashes of brilliance, and there is something about the twang in her voice that makes her extremely easy to listen to. It probably doesn’t hurt that she’s bad as hell…and she a’int even know it. I’m hoping some wack ass label doesn’t scoop her and turn her into some pop sensation. This type of voice needs to be exclusive, at least until CLP can cut the check. All in good time. Until then, share and enjoy. A free download of this album is available here. Did I mention she’s repping Australia?

Vanessa Elisha – Home To Me (Official Video)

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