Now that I’ve gotten a few necessary industry records covered, it’s time to bring back the real. This post started off a submission by Rodney Hazard called Kings (produced by: Rodney Hazard). I listened to the record a few times, but by accident heard Jason James & Rodney Hazard – Pyramids In Stereo. From the first record, I was sold, and while the Kings joint was dope, this is doper. Jason James & Rodney Hazard, seem to hold nothing back on this album. The instrumentals are on point and of course, the message is irrefutable. This world that we occupy is in chaos. It’s being run by a few people who honestly don’t have the populations’ well being at heart. Today, with the power vested in me by the governing bodies that rule the entity (me and @Alecburnright), I’m creating a new genre of music. Third eye music is what Pyramids In Stereo falls under, and hands down this is worth the listen. We need your feedback on this one so feel free to share and enjoy, and even comment below. Visit daily for more music like this, and our taken on all creative works that are flat our better than what you’re probably listening to right now. This album is available for free download here, here and here.

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